Sacramental Theology

Sacramental Theology



This course will attempt to offer a view of the Christian sacraments, which takes into account contemporary understanding of symbols, the history of the sacraments, and the positions formulated by Vatican II. We will be careful to preserve tradition while stretching our understanding and opening ourselves to greater possibilities.  We will examine sacramental theology and liturgy – both resistance to and renewed interest in the sacraments as mark by current theological thought (in other words, we will be using outside resources during this course).

This work acknowledges the human limitations of the sacraments, but also recognizes that God’s relationship to human beings cannot be anything other than “sacramental”.

We will also examine faith and how faith is an indispensable precondition for a sacramental theology.

As with all courses, this course was created under work for hire and is the property of the International Old Catholic Churches.