Affordable courses that will help you remain current in all things Pastoral

St. Catherine Theological is an ecumenical distance-learning school that prepares individuals for ordained ministry, as well as provides continuing Christian Education for clergy and parishioners. We offer practical training based on real-life experience.

We welcome students from all** churches within the IS/IC movement.

**Some jurisdictions may be excluded due to issues of incompatibility.

Academic STandards

Our courses are created based on standards equivalent to seminary degrees in the following areas of study: Pastoral Care and Counseling, Theology, Christology, Parish Management and Finance, Dominican Studies, Sacraments, Liturgy, and others.

St. Catherine Theological holds a diverse educational community of gifted and talented students, brilliant and dedicated faculty, and thoughtful and committed staff who share a deep passion for theological conversation, reflection, education, action, and service.

You are the scholars, visionaries, ministers, and leaders who see, and work towards, all that our varied communities can be: places of equity, justice, goodness, and grace. Your studies here will enrich your spiritual and academic journey. We hope you will participate fully—in mind, body, and soul—in the community life and learning opportunities at St. Catherine Theological.

Your primary obligation is to develop a high standard of scholarship with an emphasis on preparation for Pastoral service. This means you will meet all academic benchmarks on time as as required by your instructors. But being a student in a theological union is more than just academics. You, as a student at St. Catherine Theological, will demonstrate at all times the following characteristics:

Be Respectful:
Respect the learning/classroom environment and the dignity and rights of all persons. Be tolerant of differing opinions.

Be Supportive/Caring:
Exhibit concern for others and promote a caring environment. Think about how your behavior affects those around you or in online forums.

Be Informed:
Familiarize yourself with the course and instructor expectations. Read the course syllabus.

Be Honest and Fair:
Maintain the code of academic honesty.

Be Attentive:
Mentally prepare yourself for listening. Resist distractions, emotional reactions, or boredom.

Be Organized/Prepared:
Prepare for class by completing readings and assignments. Avoid procrastinating and set realistic goals.

Be Communicative:
Interact with the instructor and discuss assignments, grading, and subject matter. Express complaints and concerns in a calm and respectful manner.

Be Enthusiastic:
Enjoy the educational experience. Seek ways to make your coursework meaningful and relevant.

Be Dedicated/Committed:
Show initiative and desire to excel and make your studies a priority. Avoid over-committing your time to activities that do not support your goals.

You are encouraged to develop a servant-leadership-ministry lifestyle, as well as encouraged to integrate faith, learning, and living through regular spiritual direction. Likewise, you are expected to be involved in a local congregation to grow spiritually in a community of faith.