“[Theology] is the study of God. It is the inquiry of God.  It is the searching and understanding of God and the meaning of His word, His truth and His revelation. It is the activity of thinking: thinking about God and asking ultimate questions. It is the activity that thought produces speech, and speech produces a reflection…”

– Feed My Sheep, ed. Don Kistler, Soli Deo Gloria Ministries, 2002, p. 170.

Continuing Education from the comfort of your home.

Online classes are always available through our learning environment built with you in mind. All our classes are created from scratch and are easy to use.

Several courses offer video instruction with accompanying informational slides, while others are more interactive and structured. Whatever your learning style, we’ve got you covered.

Online Courses

Courses range from Contemporary Theology and Pastoral Care and Counseling, to more practical courses like Parish Finance and Documentation. We are always open to new suggestions, but may not be able to implement them until our flagship courses are up and running.

In-Person Courses

Sacred Wandering and St. Catherine Theological are working to develop an in-person campus where students can choose to learn from a wide range of courses in the comfort of our gardens or open classrooms. The going, though, is slow and we are looking for just the right place to begin building this ministry.

Certificate Programs

We are in the process of building what will eventually become comprehensive certificate programs that will prepare candidates for eventual ordination. Earning a certificate, though, does not guarantee ordination.